Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is for my friend Heather.

Me at work awhile back. Now I don't get to sit like this, because I'm always running, we are so busy lately.
Me and Andrew on a Cruise to Mexico, an ER trip, I like to take every year in March
This is Madison and Aidan at Pismo beach a couple of months ago.
This is them getting ready to drive to the coast. Watch out!!
This is at Aidan's Harvest auction that was in Nov.of last year to help raise money for his school.
My Princess Madison being her favorite Snow White. I have to have a Princess party for her in a couple of weeks, this was the picture I put in with the invitations. Too Cute...
Heather, I hope this is what you wanted and I hope that you like it. I aslo hope that this reaches our other friends and family so they can see this too. Thanks for getting me to do this. I miss you, hope all is well. Take care,